2021 Paris Peace Forum call for projects
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Thank you for your interest in the Paris Peace Forum's call for projects, which aims to promote and support concrete solutions to the global governance challenges identified as priority themes this year.

Before submitting your application, please make sure your project meets the eligibility criteria mentioned in the 2021 call for projects rules, including from a thematic point of view. Please also refer to:
• Our FAQ
• The content of the projects presented during the previous editions of the Forum for information purposes only.

The Selection Committee will assess the relevance of the applications received based solely on the information provided below. We recommend filling out this form carefully and as precisely as possible. You can save your answers at any time and edit them until you submit your application. Only submitted forms with all mandatory fields duly completed will be assessed.

All indicated character limits include spaces. We recommend using short sentences or bullet points to ensure your answers are clear and concise. Please read the entire questionnaire before starting your application in order to avoid duplicate answers.

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